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Still Difference between Nurture between Men and women

[the_ad_placement id=”before-contents”]Since the 1960s there have been contradictory voices claiming to speak for all women concerning their desires and their rights.

Women who are content to be at home and raise children or a told that their place held no value it was one thing to hear this woman it is quite another matter suddenly hear from other women. The basic truth is their men will probably never place the same value on work at home as they do on work at the office because men value different things.

Now it is true that many women today do choose careers in the working world over the experience of having children for some time, by the time they could hear and acknowledges well voices within them declaring their nurturing desires the biological clock has gone down and it’s too late.

I heard my child say that his girlfriend, at the time currently, had that first inner voice regarding children. He didn’t.  I wouldn’t have expected him to at his age, but the girl reminds me of my first thoughts of getting pregnant at her age…

Men may have the out of nowhere urge to get married, but it is usually preferred prefaced by other events such as meeting the girl of their dreams or finally realizing that all their friends are married. For women it is different. Nurture is sown at the core of our being. The instinct is perhaps one of the most natural stages of the family journey.

From what I have read in several scientific journals and books on this topic, these nurturing women naturally are born but this is not exclusively restricted to the area of motherhood. You see a little girl dressing and taking care of her dolls, while boys typically like destructive activities and rarely take care of a little brother the way a girl does. Girls already take on a nurturing approach from an early age in most of their relationships. It is more like our being, inbred.

In these same studies, the buys/men characteristic approach to life from the perspective of hierarchy, detachment, and power.  There was a documentary demonstrating this not that long ago.   Boys automatically form a hierarchy, while girls try to be equal.

Now let us tackle the workplace a little.  Changes in the world of business have proud of the change in management style as the manager’s roles shift to that of his teacher mentor and nurture of human potential where it was not when I started my career as a chemist/computer engineer. All the more reason for corporations to take advantage of women’s managerial abilities, because these people born into traits are the ones women are socialized to possess.

So I have been asked to convince young ladies to pursue STEM programs in college.  My first question was, “Why?”.  Using the Educational Attainment in the United States: 2019 from the Census Bureau, only 15% of American citizens graduate with a bachelor’s degree and it goes down to 1.4% earning a Ph.D., a doctorate. To be fair the fate of an American woman getting her degree in engineering is as small as those who work in it.  30% of women who have left the engineering profession cite organizational climate as the reason.   Only 13% of engineers are women in the workforce according to SWE Research Update and they still earn 10% less than male engineers.

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