Tom Brady’s Jersey Thief Caught On Camera

The missing jersey was one of several items recovered after an investigation led by the FBI.

Video footage broadcast by United States media outlets a man said to be Ortega entering the Patriots locker room shortly after the team’s win over the Atlanta Falcons, emerging several minutes later with an object tucked under his arm. The Broncos said in a statement it could “potentially” belong to Von Miller, the Super Bowl 50 MVP.

NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy released a statement that the league has recovered the jersey, along with Brady’s from his last Super Bowl win in 2015 against the Seattle Seahawks, from a member of the global press. “They really need to check their protocols and their efforts, because this is at least two jerseys that we’re aware of, and obviously it required a response from the Houston police department and other departments to recover them”.

Early Monday morning, the National Football League confirmed Tom Brady’s stolen jersey from Super Bowl 51 was discovered. And then leaves the locker room like a thief with something tucked under his arm. “I absolutely, 100 percent put it in my bag”, Brady says despairingly as he searches through his possessions for the lost jersey.

Houston police investigators relied on a tip from an informant to trace the jersey, estimated to be worth about $500,000, to Mexico.

“We cannot allow a suspect to come here and do this”, he said.

Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo told FOX26 they found the suspect in Mexico. Glazer claimed this person “posed” as a member of the media, and was not actually affiliated with anyone. Here’s hoping Kurt gets his jersey back. The suggestion is that he was not in the locker room very long.

“This is one of the most extreme capers in sports memorabilia”, said Greg Roberts, manager of Field of Dreams in the Galleria.

Way to look suspicious while you’re walking away with stolen goods.


Brady has not yet commented on the recovery of his jerseys and Acevedo reminded reporters that the investigation is ongoing, with the US attorney likely to “prosecute vigorously”.

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