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Samsung’s Bixby Is Ready to Take on Siri and Other Voice Assistants

AI is being pursued doggedly by all the giants in the industry- Apple has been at it for quite some time with Siri. It will also be limited to just English and Korean at first, with Chinese and US Spanish to be added shortly after launch.

Rumors about Samsung Bixby have been making rounds for a good while now, with a slew of leaks and reports indicating that the highly advanced AI assistant will be among the top selling points of the next-generation Samsung Galaxy S8 series.

Samsung goes further into detail regarding Bixby’s functions below.

Samsung states that at the launch of the Galaxy S8 “a subset of preinstalled applications will be Bixby-enabled”.

In a special blog post on Samsung’s website, the company’s Executive Vice President and Head of RD, Software, and Services, InJong Rhee, explains how Bixby is more effective. For example, you could direct Bixby to “find a photo of Jane and text it to Sally”.

“We believe Bixby will evolve from a smartphone interface to an interface for your life”, Rhee said.

Samsung seems to be playing all of its aces straight away with the company aiming for the top spot in AI assistants.

“We do have a bold vision of revolutionizing the human-to-machine interface, but that vision won’t be realized overnight”, Rhee said. “Bixby is the ongoing result of this effort”, says Samsung.

Bixby is created to offer more than other virtual assistants by becoming more proficient in three key areas. The interface will be able to support nearly every task that an app is capable of performing using conventional touch commands, rather than just a few selected tasks. Every task that the app can perform can be conducted straight from the virtual assistant.

Bixby is real, and it’s ready to make your Samsung devices smarter in the very near future.

The collection of apps set to gain Bixby support is now unclear, but will be confirmed alongside the Galaxy S8’s unveiling next Wednesday, March 29. Usually, an agent doesn’t understand that there is work in progress when switching modes but Bixby can do just that. Completeness refers to Bixby’s deeper integration into enabled applications, meaning that Samsung expects Bixby-enabled apps to support voice commands for almost everything that can be normally accessed through the touch interface. With Bixby, users can get things done through voice commands as well as touch-based inputs, unlike Google Now on Tap, which relied on physical inputs on the touch display to select an option or menu.

Samsung accidentally outed its Bixby personal assistant by listing it on the Samsung Pay Beta website.

“We know that adopting new ways to interact with your devices will require a change in user behaviour”.


Through its cognitive tolerance, Bixby will be smart enough to understand your commands even if you issue them with incomplete information.

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