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Notifications Can Keep Track Of Where You Parked Your Car

Google Maps now has a feature that helps Android users find where they parked their auto. On that page users can add photos, write notes and set a parking timer for spots that are metered or timed. Currently, this feature is only available on Android and no word as to when it will come to iOS. But this “Google now” service was not meeting the requirements when you are traveling through taxi or any other vehicle. Tapping the blue dot on your location now offers the option of saving your parking location. Like much of Google Now, however, that feature was heavily dependent on context and sensors, giving little control to the user. It will also be automatically cleared at the next saved spot. Such a feature can come in handy if vehicle stays in a temporary parking area (like two-hour parking). This means that only some users can receive parking information. The feature, which existed in Google Now, used Android’s “activity recognition system” to make an educated guess regarding the parking spot. Google Now will occasionally save your parking spot, but it’s sporadic at best. Google said the new shareable feature will let users to save locations to a number of lists and then share them with friends and family directly within the Maps app.


Google’s parking update gives users the option to enter parking data in a form-style format rather than the pins Apple went for with iOS 10. Tech Crunch notes that Google Maps’ implementation is a bit more robust. For example, you can write the floor number where you parked your auto or a certain street name. Additionally, you can set the timer that will keep reminding you up to how long you can park your vehicle over the place. All of this info can be pulled for notifications and alerts, too. But at least Maps will automatically mark your parked car’s location as soon as you leave your auto. Users simply need to park the auto, take out their devices, open Google Maps, and the click on the location dot, Ars Technica reports.

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